Original pool and landscape
design and construction

Gilbert Mid-Century Modern


Paradise Valley Modern Resort


Gilbert Grotto and Diving Platform


Lazy River Resort


Gilbert Contemporary Design


Arcadia Modern Design


Swimup Bar top and Arcadia Entertainment area


Scottsdale Rustic Remodel


Original Landscape and Luxury Outdoor Entertainment Area


Arcadia Remodel with Bobe Water and Fire


Scottsdale Mountain Resort Remodel


North Scottsdale Southwest Design


Desert Mountain Negative and Infinity Edge


Desert Mountain Negative Edge


Scottsdale Luxury Desert Design


Phoenix Modern Remodel


Paradise Valley Modern Design


Scottsdale Modern Style


our approach

what sets us apart

How do we hand craft and shape the elements? We do this by understanding certain principles. Things like how to move water in transit and color theory. We believe one of the things we do well is listen. We’re not here just to make a sale, we want to hear what is important to you, our client, and what you want to accomplish. We like to ask a lot of questions, like: How do you entertain? What color do you envision the water being? How do we deliver concepts that are custom tailored to your project?

Design & Construction

Venetian Outdoors is changing the swimming pool and landscape industry by taking a different approach to design and execution. We choose to focus on clients that expect a level of detail that few are able to offer. With our passion for quality and excellence, we strive for our craftsmanship to exceed the standards of our industry. Our belief is that true quality is achieved by creating your vision based upon a series of structural principles, while designing water-shapes and landscapes that magnificently complement your home. We are honored that you are taking the time to learn more about us and our team is here to change how you look at design and construction. How do we hand craft and shape the elements? We do this by understanding certain principles. First believe one of the things we do well is listen. We’re not here just to make a sale, we want to hear what is important to you, our client, and what you want to accomplish.  Just a few of these others are how to move water in transit and color theory. We like to ask a lot of questions, like: How do you entertain? What color do you envision the water being? How do we deliver concepts that are custom tailored to your project? The answers drive us to design something that will be fully functional and complimentary to your environment while improving the way you live outside.

Pools – New, Remodel and Commercial

The work of an accomplished pool builder begins by understanding the reasons behind the choices he or she makes. That sounds simple enough, but homeowners should proceed with care because only a handful of builders truly understand design and the building process. On the other hand, many others are more or less content to offer a limited set of features, cookie cutter designs and products which may or may not have anything to do with the setting. Generally speaking, there are three types of pool and spa builders: The first type is the pool builder who knows the basic rules of design maybe. He or she has no background in art or architecture history, only uses design schemes generated on a computer template, and does not charge for the design process. Next, there is the landscape architect, a professional who is educated in design. Some landscape architects, however, are not experts in swimming pool construction and need to work with an experienced pool contractor due to the complexities of engineering along with building structures that retain and move water. There is hope because there is the educated pool and spa professional who understands both design principles and construction details. He or she bases the work on the relationship between design and construction as it relates to the site environment, always knowing that each and every element—from the broadest overall concept down to the smallest detail—must be in the design for a reason and must be executed flawlessly.


There are certain laws and principles that are tried true for architecture. The law of significant enclosure says that we feel enclosed when the vertical edge of a space is at least one-third the length of the horizontal space we’re inhabiting. The concept of the “regulating line.” The idea is that an element of architecture (for example, a doorway, or a building edge, even a window mullion) or a distinctive landscape feature (prominent tree, existing pool, property boundary) can “generate” an imaginary line that helps connect and organize the design.  Are these principles and processes understood? Arizona has a unique climate and soil make up that is only duplicated a few places in the world. One of the most important part of this process is to allow for the design and build to be where the landscape is going, not where it is starting. Our soil has a original make up here which limits what we can do with certain types of plants and trees. Laying out planters and walls should be looked at. Thomas D. Church, often credited with creating the California Style and it says simply that twice the height of the riser plus the tread should equal 26 inches. So a 6” riser should be at 14”  The practical application that I make of the Golden Ratio involves its sibling, the Golden Rectangle, in which the ratio of the short side to the long side is equal to the ratio of the long side to the sum of both sides (a/b = b/a+b)—you probably didn’t know that landscape designers should have had to learn math and these are things that few actually understand. Numerically, the Golden Rectangle ratio is close to 1: 1.6, a proportion I regularly use to lay out terraces, patios, arbors, and lawns.When these principles are put into place you will have an environment that you will enjoy for years to come.

Outdoor Living

When it comes to our philosophy we are inspired by Hand Crafted Elements.  Our understanding of design principles allows us to extend your home from inside to out. The goal is to allow your outdoor space to be breath taking along with being principally sound. Clients come first when it comes to outdoor living. We will design and build something that makes you feel special while it flows into your unique lifestyle and allows us to bring to life all of the features that will define the outdoor space. Exposure, Privacy, Comfort and Function are all things we must bring into this process. We incorporate and bring to life Firepits, Fireplaces along with one of a kind Fire features. Outdoor kitchens that allow you to cook and entertain as if you are in your home. Pergolas and Ramada’s that allow an escape from our extreme heat in the summer. Lighting design and installation that will make you feel like your outdoor area should be in a magazine. Decks and Patios which develop and duplicate the look of the inside to the outside allowing for one smooth flow of design within your home. Family time activities such as basketball courts, putting greens and horseshoe pits. Your outdoor living will be transformed while being built to a standard that few achieve within our industry.

Furniture Design

Whether a modern lover or minimalist, furniture design needs to allow you the user to feel the function and essence of your outdoor living. We want to go for proportions that are substantial not overbearing. Pieces that are an essence of the past yet very much of today. You will look and realize wow I cannot believe this furniture was meant for the outside. We want to give you something simple and beautiful to go along with quality you deserve. We have some amazing partners that will allow us to bring that final touch of your yard to life.

Venetian Outdoors

Matt Coyle and Trevor Tipton both grew up here in the valley of the sun, however both had a very different path to arrive where they are with Venetian Outdoors. Here in the valley, as I’m sure you have experienced, pools are not only a luxury but a necessity. Matt was born into the pool industry. His parents owned one of the most successful pool companies in Arizona for many years before retiring. Matt has done everything there is to do around a pool from personally excavating them, plumbing them and designing them. Matts parents instilled an amazing work either in Matt, that combined with skills and knowledge of building thousands of backyards. Matt started Venetian on his own 10 years ago and now it has grown to a great partnership today. Trevor started working construction with his grandfather when he was a teenager doing jobs from layouts to digging concrete footers he has also done both sides of the industry. Trevor's career in the pool and landscaping industry started with learning innovative design and installation techniques back in 2007. One of the people Trevor worked with was Dave Brandenburg of Brandenburg Pools (later known as Brandenburg Pool and Outdoors). He was a fantastic mentor and as they grew the company they became partners and unfortunately we lost Dave tragically to cancer in 2016. This is when Matt and Trevor met in 2014 when both companies were really growing. Matt and Trevor have been working together on project for 5 years now and it has become successful because of how their core values align. From there Venetian Outdoors grew to what it is today. It started with a simple desire to bring new innovative concepts into outdoor living spaces. We have been able to grow this business by a strong commitment to our clients; focusing on quality, integrity, and delivering on the client’s expectations.
Venetian Outdoors is a full-service design build firm that executes on all aspects of outside home design areas which includes pools, outdoor kitchens, water features, unique fire elements, and patio accompaniments. Our expertise in design will help guide you through this process and we will assist you on colors, material selections, design, architecture, along with your outdoor furniture decor design and layout. We believe we set ourselves apart by our ability to listen to our clients and deliver on their vision. We have in place the team and can execute your project with the attention to detail that few can offer.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and feel free to email or call. You are also welcome to visit our design center and show room. We would be proud to call you an Venetian Outdoors client.
Matt Coyle and Trevor Tipton



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